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Vishal Malhotra

Joining TNTA while I  appearing for the 12th board was a wise decision. I appriciate their team



Why trust us?

One of the finest institutes in India for learning music. I had attended the quarterly workshop where they had invited Gulzar Sahab to share his part of supreme knowledge. Without giving much thought I enrolled with and today I am working with the team of Raftar as an underground artist.


Shraddha Nigam

It was a hard step to leave engineering and pursue music but the Shiksha I have received from Gulshan Guru Ji has turned my life upside down beautifully. I have written 10 songs for the Punjabi music industry until now. Thanks GeetMP3, thanks Gulshan Guru Ji.


Raju Rastogi

So far, joining GeetMP3 has been one of the wise decisions I have ever taken in my life. I joined GeetMP3 in 2018 and took wisdom from Gulshan Guru Ji. Gaining expertise in playing keyboard and guitar, I have monetized my passion with an annual income of 12 Lacs


Shubham Pandya

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